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Bluff Canyon Casino

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Bluff Canyon looks and feels like an authentic casino chip from the rugged west. Bluff Canyon is a fictional location that we, as the designers, imagine to be a joint celebration of gaming and the great outdoors. Bluff Canyon also cleverly uses the term “Bluff” in its name to signify a poker inclusion.

The inlay employs an interesting presentation of evergreen trees as the logo of this fictitious casino. Two leafs underscore the poker room designation. The denomination is prominently displayed at the bottom of the poker chip with the fictional location: Bluff, Arizona. The top of the inlay prominently displays the Bluff Canyon Casino name.

This rugged motif is common around rural Nevada and California casinos. It's also a central theme among Native American casinos that blend luxury with the beauty of their native environment. Casinos like Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods pleasure their patrons with the look and feel of a grand lodge.

Although Bluff Canyon is a fictitious casino, it will look and play like a real casino chip in your home game. The denominations are available in 25¢, 50¢, $1, $5, $10, $25,$50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a large poker tournament with hundreds of thousands in tournament chip value or if you are playing a 25¢ – 50¢ limit game. This poker set will surely heighten your gaming experience.

Claysmith Gaming Bluff Canyon Casino Poker Chips

Greek Key Mold

The Mold that is used for the Bluff Canyon Casino poker chip is the Greek Key mold. The Greek Key mold uses a pattern known as a meander. However, a meander is more commonly known as a “Greek key”, since the squares in the pattern look like an old fashioned key.

The history of casino chips could not be told without mentioning the Small Greek Key and Large Greek Key molds. Both were staples in early poker chip molding. The Small Greek Key mold had a tight pattern and is most similar to our own Claysmith mold. The Large Key Mold had a larger pattern that occupied much more of the surface than the Small Key mold.

The Small Greek Key mold was used predominantly in early Las Vegas casinos. Casinos such as the Sahara, El Rancho, Fiesta Villa, and the Golden Nugget all relied upon the Small Greek Key mold to forge some of their earliest poker chips.

The Sahara Poker ChipThe Sahara Poker Chip
The El Rancho Poker ChipThe El Rancho Poker Chip
The Fiesta Villa Poker ChipThe Fiesta Villa Poker Chip
The Golden Nugget Poker ChipThe Golden Nugget Poker Chip

The Large Key was a favorite among northern Nevada casinos. Casinos in Reno especially were attracted to the Large Key mold. Casinos such as the Pioneer Inn, Sahara Reno, Silver Spur, and Town Club are all examples of Reno casinos that used the Large Greek Key mold.

The Pioneer Inn Poker ChipThe Pioneer Inn Poker Chip
The Sahara Reno Poker ChipThe Sahara Reno Poker Chip
The Silver Spur Poker ChipThe Silver Spur Poker Chip
The Town Club Poker ChipThe Town Club Poker Chip

Our Claysmith mold uses a tight Meander pattern in its layout just like the Small Greek Key mold described above. This allows for superior texture and is not as overpowering as the Large Key design. The smaller mold markings enable the use of larger inlays for more in depth customization of the chip surface.

Claysmith Gaming Greek Key mold Poker Chip Black and WhiteGreek Key mold - Meander pattern allows for superior texture


The Bluff Canyon Casino Inlay was most influenced by the Venetian poker room poker chip. The Venetian room is one of the most popular on the strip and if you have played very much poker in Las Vegas then you have probably played at the Venetian. The Venetian poker room uses a special poker chip that has a clean and efficient presentation.

The Venetian and Bluff Canyon Poker chips prominently display the poker room designation and clearly display the denomination. The logo is only slightly infused on the inlay keeping its presentation uncluttered.

Bluff Canyon Casino and Venetian Poker Room Poker Chip Inlay ComparisonBluff Canyon Casino and Venetian Poker Room Poker Chip Inlay Comparison

Edge Spots

The edge spot design on the Bluff Canyon Casino poker chip is known as the Twelve Strip. Our Twelve Stripe edge spots are similar to one of our favorite poker chips: the Mirage $100! The Mirage $100 is a black chip that pops with vibrant yellow and pink stripes.

The Twelve Stripe edge spot has been voted as our most popular edge spot. Twelve (12) thin distressed lines are displayed in four clusters around the poker chip. In each cluster, all three lines are a different color. The Twelve Stripe spot design also employs exceedingly vibrant colors as well.

Bluff Canyon Casino and Mirage Poker Chip Edge Spots ComparisonBluff Canyon Casino and Mirage Poker Chip Edge Spots Comparison


Our Greek Key mold was inspired by a pre-existing mold known as the Small Greek Key mold. We wanted to bring this historic mold back to the market. We think the Greek Key mold looks like historic Las Vegas and would add gravitas to our poker chip line.

The Greek Key mold is intricate and ornate by design. We aspired to have a mold that would add to the overall poker chip presentation without dominating the poker chip. A Chip like Barney's in Lake Tahoe displays the Small Greek Key mold in similar fashion to our Bluff Canyon Casino poker chip.

Bluff Canyon Casino and Barney's at Lake Tahoe Poker Chip Mold ComparisonBluff Canyon Casino and Barney's at Lake Tahoe Poker Chip Mold Comparison
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