Designing With An Edge

The primary focal point of any poker chip is its edge spots. The edge mark is the key attribute of a poker chip in establishing itself as something more than an inanimate object. The edge spot is where all the flair takes place. The use of pinks, yellows and oranges are often employed in the edge spot to spice up a poker chip's design.

An edge spot marks the sides of your chip and also frames the chip inlay. Without edge spots, poker chips would be uninteresting colored discs with no personality or identity. With edge spots, dibs and dabs of provocative colors pepper the sides and edges of your chips converting them into works of art.

Casinos use different edge spot combinations for every chip. In fact, all states require a unique edge spot combination for every casino chip used within a licensed casino in that state. Poker chip aficionados are able to admire different chip structures at every casino they visit.

Chip stacking is one of the favorite pastimes of poker players through the unique sorting and stacking of edge spot colors. Without edge spots, there would be nothing to sort, nothing to inspect, nothing to compare.

At Claysmith, we employ unique and interesting edge spots. All of our edge spots have at least two colors and some have three colors. We employ different shapes like distressed lines, trapezoids and triangles when we design our edge spots.

Each of our molds employs its own unique edge spot structure. For instance, our Greek Key mold utilizes three thin distressed lines in four clusters. Our stitch and line mold uses an inner and outer trapezoid. While our Gear wheel mold displays a triangle and stick edge spot. Each spot combination is unique and interesting which we feel ensures that our poker chips are both contemporary and nostalgic.

We strive to make interesting edge spots that you can not find on any other manufacturer’s poker chips. Most chip manufacturers use a variation of a single colored square or double square along four to six sides of the chip. This is the safest and most boring approach to designing a poker chip.

At Claysmith we dare to excite. We don’t want to be just another poker chip on your shelf; we want to be the poker chip that you show off to your friends.

Our Current Edge Spot Lineups:

Twelve Stripe

This edge spot design has been voted as our most popular design. Twelve (12) thin distressed lines are displayed in four clusters of three lines. In each cluster, all three lines have a different color.

This edge spot was heavily influenced by one of our favorite casino chips: the Mirage $100. The Mirage $100 is a black chip that pops with vibrant yellow and pink stripes. The Twelve stripe spot design also employs exceedingly vibrant colors as well.

Claysmith 12 Stripe Edge Spots
Mirage Casino Edge Spots

Double Trapezoid

This edge spot is very unique with an inner and outer trapezoid as an edge spot. This combination allows us to use two edge spots colors in differing amounts. We have a primary color with the "outer trapezoid" and a secondary accent color with the "inner trapezoid". The primary color is intended to blend or complement the base chip color. The inner spot color is intended to be more of a contrasting vibrant color to percolate the senses.

The Double Trapezoid is an edge spot that is very rare in today’s casinos. Some of the old historic strip casinos used this edge spot many years ago. However, most of today's casinos would rather "wow" you with their latest slot machine and their casino chips are an after thought.

For instance we were impressed with this circus circus 1st edition chip and this flamingo 9th edition chip.

Claysmith Double Trapezoid Edge Spots
Circus Casino Edge Spots
Flamingo Casino Edge Spots

Triangle and Stick

The Triangle and Stick edge spot is going to be used in conjunction with our pending mold: "The Gear Wheel"”. The use of the triangle is not too common among current Las Vegas chip styles. However, we appreciate the triangle as an edge spot and we believe it offers a wonderful change of pace from the boring rectangular edge spots.

We found a chip from Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon that is currently using a triangle edge spot. Although it is an interesting use of a triangle edge spot we thought it was lacking some color.

We have also always appreciated the Apache Casino chip from historic downtown Las Vegas. However, the use of eight triangles may be a little over whelming for most collectors.

In our design we inserted four clean thin lines (not distressed like the 12 stripe) to break up the use of four triangles. The insertion of a line allows us to have a primary (triangle) and secondary (line) inlay color for the poker chip. As with the double trapezoid, the secondary color is intended to be a bit more vibrant and exciting.

Claysmith Triangle & Stick Edge Spots
Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon Edge Spots
Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon Poker Chip Edge Spots
Apache Casino Edge Spots
Apache Casino Poker Chip Edge Spots

In our opinion, the edge spot is the most important aspect of any poker chip. If you purchase a set of poker chips from Claysmith you can be sure you will be buying a poker chip with character.

At Claysmith we focus on the edge first!

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