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Sure, its fine! You may return the product. (Isn't it nice to hear that on the web?) There are a few conditions:

  1. Your order must have been placed within the last seven business days. If you do not like your purchase please call us or email us right away to make a return. (Visit our contact us page for our email and phone number.)
  1. If you are within the continental United States we will have your package picked up from you at no charge. Please return the item back in the original box and ensure it is packaged properly.
  2. If you are not within the continental United States then you must return the item at your own cost, but we will issue a full refund once it is returned.
Order Size
  1. Returns that are larger than 1000 chips will incur a 20 percent restocking fee. Orders of 1000 chips or less may be returned without any restocking fees.
  2. Returns that are larger than 1000 chips must be returned at the expense of the buyer. For returns of 1000 chips or less, we will pay for the return shipping back if you are within the Continental US.

For most regular customers this is a no risk purchase!

We are sorry your purchase did not work out. We were honest in our assessment that we think that we offer the best value in gaming. You must disagree. So we hope there are no hard feelings. 100% satisfaction is what we guarantee and we must not have met our end of the bargain.

Please complete the form below and a customer service representative will contact you shortly to provide you with either a shipping label or the pickup procedure.

This offer is only good to customers of this website. If you purchased Claysmith from another seller, then you must contact your seller and inquire with them about their return policies.

Please complete the form below to request an RMA number.

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