New Projects on the Horizon

We are constantly tinkering with new designs, new molds and new products at Claysmith. The one thing that always remains constant though is our commitment to excellence. We want to provide inspiring and exciting gaming products for home players.

When we develop new products we obtain input from as many customers, chip enthusiasts and resellers as possible. We try to gauge the true interest for a product before we begin its production. Every project that we commission has received the blessing and critique from many of the insiders of the gaming industry as well as consumers in our market.

Our customers benefit from our market analysis and due diligence. You get a better chip when many different minds come together to arrive at a design.

This page is where we hash out some of the nitty gritty details. Please give us your critique and ideas.

Our Latest Project

Our latest project is the rollout of three new clay composite poker chips on a new mold.

The Mold:

This new mold will be known as the "gear wheel" mold. A mold is the hollow metal container that is used to give the poker chips its shape and texture. This is one of the greatest differentiating factors for Claysmith Gaming in that our molds actually create an engraved impression (known as mold marks) around the chip. Our chips are not simply boring flat smooth discs.

The mold marks provide the chip with an identity even before you place an inlay. Casinos use the mold mark for security and identity/branding. It stamps every poker chip with the same impression and thereby prevents others from making the same chip. The mold markings give a poker chip texture, security and aestheticism. Markings gives the poker chip a personality. Read more about molding here.

This is our gear wheel mold design:

Gear Wheel Mold
Claysmith Gaming Gear Wheel Mold Technical Specifications

This mold design was inspired by our review of some old chips by the famous Frontier Club. We noticed that many of their chips used an old out of production mold called the "HCE" mold produced by the H.C. Edwards Co. This mold consisted of 8 repetitions of H's with rectangles in between.

New Frontier Hotel and Casino
The New Frontier Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada
New Frontier Poker Chip Mold
The New Frontier Hotel and Casino Poker Chip Mold

The New Frontier Hotel and Casino was a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, NV. The Frontier Hotel was the second resort that opened on the Las Vegas Strip, open since October 30, 1942.

This cool old chip only has a hot stamp impression for the denomination. This chip only has a gold stamp and its mold mark, but its still able to be interesting just from its mold markings. We liked all the square edges in the mold mark and it reminded us of a gear wheel, hence our gear wheel mold.

The Edge Spots:

Upon the gear wheel molded chip will be 8 edge spots. The spots will include 4 triangles and 4 thin lines. This idea came about when we found this really neat 16th edition Flamingo chip.

Edge Spots Flamingo Casino

The triangle is not too commonly used among current Vegas chip styles. However, we love the triangle and we believe it offers a wonderful change of pace from the boring rectangular edge spots. We were able to find this Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon chip that uses the triangle as an edge spot and is in current circulation.

Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon Edge Spots
Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon Poker Chip Edge Spots

Take a look at this Hotel Apache chip from historic old Las Vegas. We think this is a cool design that you just don't see casinos in Las Vegas daring enough to use anymore. Using a triangle on the edge spot is interesting to us and we were inspired to try it when deriving our design for this project.

Apache Casino Edge Spots
Apache Casino Poker Chip Edge Spots

We believe by complementing the triangle with the four thin lines we achieve poker chip symmetry. The additional lines also add an opportunity to place more vibrant colors into the chip as an accent color. We have decided to call this poker chip the "Triangle and Stick". We save our creatives for the chip design process and let the bean counters name the chips as you can see.

Claysmith Triangle & Stick Poker Chip upon the Gear Wheel Mold
Triangle and Stick Claysmith Edge Design

The Inlays:

Our first (of three) inlay design is the Rock & Roll Casino. There are few things that go better together than rock'n roll and gambling. Both are edgy and fun things to do. Both have created their own sort of rebel identity.

Hard Rock Casino
Hard Rock Casino

Of course, we have all heard of the Hard Rock Casino. The thought of this casino conjures up their alluring guitar logo. We agree with the Hard Rock and believe that the most resonate image of rock'n roll is the guitar. Our Rock & Roll Casino design is a celebration of rock'n roll through the use of different guitar styles.

Claysmith Gaming Rock and Roll Casino Poker Chips
Claysmith Gaming Rock and Roll Casino Poker Chips

Current and Future Line Up

Gold Rush Poker Chip
Claysmith Gaming - Gold Rush Poker Chip
Desert Heat Poker Chip
Claysmith Gaming - Desert Heat Poker Chip
Bluff Canyon Casino Poker Chip
Claysmith Gaming - Bluff Canyon Casino Poker Chip
Milano Poker Chip
Claysmith Gaming - Milano Poker Chip
Rock and Roll Casino Poker Chip
Claysmith Gaming - Rock and Roll Casino Poker Chip

Tell us what you think!

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Non Metal Insert Chips By: Greg O.
Really like the designs, especially the latest Rock and Roll Casino chips. Hope you plan on more Milano style chips that do not have the metal inserts. Looking forward to the other two future designs coming from the latest mold.

Rock and Roll chip design By: Victor Carbone
I am vey pleased with the Milano chip line and like what I see with the upcoming Rock and Roll design. Is it going to be another 10g chip like the Milano? Most poker chip enthusiasts prefer a non-slugged, 10g chip. One other thing. Have you considered a $2 and $20 chip for cash game players? They may not be the biggest sellers but again they would appeal to poker chip enthusiasts and serious home players. Vic Carbone

Custom Milano By: Will
Would love to see the Milanos with denomination, and without "Milano" printed on top. P.S. Love the Milano Set, and they are the talk of my home game. Looking into buying another set of Milano (higher denominations).

Rock n Roll casino chip By: Tim Steele
Love the whole rock n roll thing going on.....very unique chip!!!! One small issue is the ribbon or banner that has the denomination on it,IMO i think it covers up too much of the great guitar logo. Maybe no ribbon,just numbers and a little larger too....for us over 40 rockers!!! Very nice chip!! Im holding up my lighter right now!!! THX

Europe Sales/Less Edge Spots By: Some German Guy
Hi, you sell anywhere in europe? Overall I really like your chips, but would like to see your lineup expanded by some less colouful chips. Thanks.

Just an Idea By: Pablo M
I love the Milano chips. I wish instead of $10,000 chips, which I believe are rarely used, you could add $25,000 chips and maybe even $100,000. I can guarantee you at least one customer who would buy them.

different edge spots By: Chip Magnet
Why do all the sets have to have the same edge spots? It would be nice to have the option to use the different edge spots with each inlay. Or order just the chips so we can put our own inlay on. Will this be an option in the future?

Colors By: Ron
Love the new design. Maybe you can mix the colors before launching production. Even if you keep all the same base colors, maybe use different color combinations on edge spots so this line looks different from the existing lines. Keep up the good work!

Chip denomination By: J.D. Luther
Great looking poker chips. Have you ever given any thought on just numbers on chips so they could be either doallars or cents?

High Roller By: Francois Leblanc
To whom it may concern: I would like to have a Poker chips set comparable to the Milano in quality and design that would go up to $1,000,000. Thank you

diggin it. By: WEbmaster Dev
Hey guys great job on the poker chips

Beautiful By: Manny
I love the chips!!!