Same Day Shipping

We know you are excited to receive your Claysmith poker chips. So we want to get your products out as soon as possible. So if you place an order by 3 p.m. EST we will ship your order the exact same day.

In general, this offer is good for properly placed orders that are in stock and for customers within the United States. Just to cover our bases, here is the fine print:

Conditions/Exceptions (the fine print):
  1. Your order must be complete and not have any outstanding payment issues before our 3 p.m. deadline. Occasionally, payment services (Google Checkout) will hold funds for clearing. If this is the case, then we will not be able to ship your product until the funds actually clear (rare exception).
  2. International orders require a bit more paperwork. If you order an item that is going to an international location, then we will guarantee to ship it out the same day for orders that are placed by noon EST, but our 3 p.m. domestic deadline does not apply for international orders.
  3. Our same day shipping policy is for Claysmith Products ordered on business days. Unfortunately, we are closed on holidays and also on weekends. Therefore, we can only ship your order during the week. If you order Claysmith products during the weekend or late Friday, then your order will ship on Monday. If you order Claysmith products on a holiday, then it will ship on the next business day.
  4. This offer only applies for Claysmith orders placed on the internet. Orders that are placed by phone take longer for our company to process and we do not guarantee same day shipping.
  5. Guarantee will not apply to Claysmith products that are out of stock. However, a customer service representative will contact you the same day if an item is inaccurately reflected as in stock on our website.
  6. The guarantee will not apply if the customer selects an incorrect shipping method (Example: UPS selected for P.O. Box address) or does not provide a complete address during checkout. If we have to contact you to clarify a shipping address or service issue we can not guarantee same day shipping.
  7. Claysmith orders that require additional correspondence are also not covered by our same day shipping policy. Occasionally, our system will detect an order that is at high risk for fraud or that the address cannot be verified. In these cases, we may have to contact our customers to ensure their order is legitimate or that the address was not typed in error. We cannot rush these orders out and may have to hold them pending additional information from our customers.