Are you interested in selling Claysmith Gaming poker chips and products? We are currently accepting applications for resellers. Our wholesale website is: BryBelly.com.

BryBelly.com is owned and operated by Brybelly Holdings, Inc (Brybelly). Brybelly operates many websites (including this one) and offers products in a retail and wholesale capacity to customers in several industries. Brybelly currently operates in the Gaming, Toys and Health and Beauty Industries.

We offer both wholesale (large bulk ordering with large discounts) and Dropship (small wholesale orders that ship directly to your customer with a blind packing list). So if you are a large company that maintains your own inventory then we have a solution that will meet your needs. Also, if you are a small seller or a dropshipper that wants to sell our products without owning any inventory at all, then we can also accommodate you and ship direct to your customers on your behalf. We look forward to working with you at BryBelly.com.