Why Molds Matter

Whatever happened to the molds? We have always been frustrated with home market chips for their lack of molding. Almost every home market poker chip is just a basic smooth disc. Authentic clay poker chips in casinos are beautifully molded works of art. Unfortunately, most home market chips are uninspiring smooth duds.

One of our core missions is to introduce cool and unique molding to home gaming with our elegantly designed poker chips.

Unique molds mark a poker chip with an identity. When we design a new poker chip this is one of our primary considerations. Mold markings infuse a poker chip with texture and style. Aside from the edge spots, it is the most recognizable aspect of a poker chip. Mold markings turn a generic piece of clay into something special.

Molding is a lost art form. It takes great skill to create molds that mark chips clearly and meaningfully. I think this is why many of the cheap manufacturers that flood today's market disregard the mold.

The typical manufacturer's perspective is to minimize costs. Most usually create a basic mold and place as many inlays as they can upon it. This is the most inexpensive way to produce poker chips.

How many times have you seen this ugly mold? I think we have seen over 30 different inlays on this atrocity.

Our focus is not how cheaply we can produce our poker chips, but to ensure your experience with our product is exceptional. We currently limit our molds to three inlays. This ensures that we do not over saturate any mold and will keep our chips styles fresh and unique. We are building our brand through excited customers, which requires us to wow them with exceptional quality.

With effective molding, chips will look better, stack better, and are easier to control. Our chips just "play authentically". Without interesting and unique molds, we would not be able to make that statement.

We have currently designed three molds. We think each one is unique and will be interesting to your players.

Our Current Mold Lineup:
Greek Key Mold
Stitch & Line Mold
Gear Wheel Mold
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